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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

.:: Want To Know A Little Secret? ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Compassionate Most Merciful

A fulfilled pray.

have you heard one of those?
tricky question, do you believe in those?

please Muslims, you've got to.
if you don't, please read this inspiring story.
My story.

back in high school, I was in Form 2. (if i'm not mistaken).
I was a little girl, learning things, finding friends,building character,
oh in a simple world~LIVE.
there's a teacher in front of the class, she's teaching English. 
We called her Teacher Solehah.
that day, she told us about how she went to oversea to study English.
when she was younger, she always wanted to go study abroad.
but the opportunity at that time was not as easy as today.
so every single day, she looked up to the sky and search for an airplane.
when she saw one, she whispered,

"dear Allah, one day, I want to ride an airplane."

then, after a few years growing up, she got an offer letter from university somewhere in 4 seasons country 
(I don't really remember where, UK perhaps.)

truly, her story was really inspire me.
then, exactly after that day, I started to look up to the sky and search for an airplane.
and I did the same thing as she did everytime I saw one.

I ride an airplane at least 4x a year.
arrive and depart from Malaysia to Indonesia.
a doctor-to-be, InsyaAllah.
here is my little secret which cause a great change in my life.
my teacher's story inspiring me. I hope mine did inspire you.

so believe.
believe in you.
believe in Allah s.w.t.


  1. nak tawu satu rahsia..saya amat takut tgk heli.. tiap kali nampak heli teringat kate opah "haaa..2 askar datang, nak amek adik balik bosnia " :')

  2. nak tahu satu rahsia ? saya sayang awak . okayy lah , da tak jadi rahsia da .

  3. uya : ehe,rahsia tu kmu penah cte dulu.. (:, hehe. pandai opah kmu sakat kmu kn?
    pa : so sweet of you. sayang kmu juga.. <3