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Sunday, June 26, 2011

.:: A Boy And A Girl ::.

i've got a story to share..
well, it was about a boy and a girl .

On one fine day, the boy asked the girl out. the girl was so excited because she must go back to her hometown the next day. so, she make herself up nicely and waited for the boy to come.

waiting.. waiting..
she heard the thunder screamed..
the thunder made her a little bit worried..

waiting.. waiting..
drip.. drip.. dripdrip..
ahhhh.. its raining..
hurm.. now she was upset, worried if the meeting will be cancel.

a few more minutes, the boy came with a smile on his face..
sorry, im late..
they walked by each other, talking and talking and talking..
she was so happy to see him. very very happy.

at the restaurant, suddenly the boy asked, can you order food for me? and the boy woke up from the bench and went out of the restaurant hurriedly..
the girl wondered, why?
hmmmm.. she have to wait again.

waiting.. waiting..
the waiter came to take orders..

waiting.. waiting..
the waiter came back with the meals.. (thank God the chef was quick! at least people knew that she wasn't alone by the two large plate on the table..)

few moments then, the boy came and whining about one store had been close.
huhh, can't he wait after dinner to buy things??
then they ate with the girl having a slightly unhappy feelings deep in her heart.

after dinner, they wondered where they wanted to go next.
the stores started to close and this made she realized that they didnt have enough time to spend tonight.
then the boy said, it was better for her to go back now. because she had to get up early in the next morning. ): , she wasnt happy about that.

on the way back home, they talked and talked again, rushed up for just a few minutes left. but the girl's mind was somewhere else. she thought about the distance between her and him will be the next day. suddenly the boy said, here it is. i bought it for you before dinner.

the girl was shocked. what in the name... a necklace! oohhh.. what is this carved on the locket.. asl.. huhh?? why your name on this locket? she asked.. he said, ohh, nothing, just want to do something different.. 

the girl kept whining about the locket. it should be my name on it you know.
actually, she love the gift. she was just can't find the exact perfect word to say to him because a simple word 'thank you' wasnt enough for him.

p/s : thank you mr. A.. you've done well enough.. ((:


  1. i envy you babe... :D - nauli

  2. don't be, dearie.. your turn will be come one day.. i believe so. didnt u? (:

  3. saya aslam.saya kawan atuk dia....makaseh teman2

  4. haha, adoi.. nk kena flying kick bdk sorg neh.. :D