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Saturday, August 20, 2011

.:: 21 Yang Ditunggu ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Compassionate Most Merciful

12.00-02.00 am
sleep early tonight. catched cold. can't help my eyes, the flu & cough medicine force me to sleep. woke up from sleep because of the ringing tone from my hp. shifaa called. the first person to wish my birthday. (technically it's una actually, she wished me 0n 19th august. hehe.) got sms from ila and uya. ila called, talked with cea, didie and mira. fall asleep again. woke up from the sms from una. slept. woke up again, aslam called from Medan. slept again.

05.00-07.00 am
check hp. sms from ekin and syemi. 'sahur'. got a fever finally. huh, this affected my day. back to sleep, whole body ached.

10.00-15.00 am/pm
woke up. urgghhh! my throat hurts. feel dizzy. the meds didn't wear off yet? helping mom and dad setting a new curtain. silver, black & white. exhausted, but gagahkan diri jugak. birthday girl, supergirl. rasa mahu collaps. it's okay, tabah, fasting kan? checking wishes from friends in facebook. thank you all, for the wishes and prays. (: got a nice sms from andi.

17.00-18.30 pm
shifaa came. weak but still went to Tesco with her. tertipu dengan dia, kononnya mahu beli kad raya. birthday present,a butterfly-printed blue shawl. bought myself a new pair of wedges and a necklace. got a sms from senior 2D.

19.30-10.30 pm
breaking fast. alhamdulillah. after tarawih, a cake! mocha flavoured with berries birthday cake. happy, touched. say 'thanks' to mom and dad for the 21 years of living. love you both with all my heart. (':

11.30-12.00 pm
checking facebook again. type this entry.

special dedication : thank you Allah, for this opportunity to live as long as this. please, guide me always.

notes : (1) there's a reason why this entry feels lifeless. it's okay, i am a supergirl. (:
           (2) pictures will be uploaded soon.^^

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