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Friday, August 15, 2014

.:: Doubt ::.

For the first time,
that doubt has come.

I make myself deaf, when anyone, everyone questioning my choice.

I make myself blind, when the truth spread before my eyes.

I make myself numb. Numb enough to shut all the pain that stabbed repeatedly before just because I trusted my choice.

I make myself believe that someday you will understand, accept me for my being and be grateful,  cherish for what we had.

But first time in 4 years 3 months and 4 days,
that doubt has come.

Now it is matter of fate. I won't choose anymore.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Berhenti Menangis, Ain.

Dah la.
Tak payah nangis sangat.

Kalau dia sayang kau dia takkan buat kau macam ni.


Buat apa kau nak hujan2 untuk orang yang tak kisah pasal kau?

Kau je yang bodoh.

Macam selalu.

Dah ya Ain.
Berhenti menangis.
Ajar diri kau untuk terima kenyataan yang dia tak sayang kau lagi.

Monday, August 26, 2013

.:: Bless ::.

with the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Compassionate


It was a beautiful day. Joyful. Full of love and prosperity. They showered me with wishes and prays for my happiness, long-life and bless from my beloved God. I was so lucky for having this life full of those who love me, and care about me.

♡ My dear mom, dad & my siblings who never give up on me and support me from the beginning until now. 
♡ My sweetheart, the one who hold the key to my heart.
♡ My long distance friends. They proved that nothing can keep our special bond  apart through fb, twitter, whatsapp or insta.
♡ My friends around me here. The one who I kept close to my heart and my fellow future doctors who agree to fight side-by-side.
♡ Families & friends.

Dear God,
bless them. cause I am so blessed to have them as mine. Thank you God for this 23 life.♥