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Monday, August 26, 2013

.:: Bless ::.

with the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Compassionate


It was a beautiful day. Joyful. Full of love and prosperity. They showered me with wishes and prays for my happiness, long-life and bless from my beloved God. I was so lucky for having this life full of those who love me, and care about me.

♡ My dear mom, dad & my siblings who never give up on me and support me from the beginning until now. 
♡ My sweetheart, the one who hold the key to my heart.
♡ My long distance friends. They proved that nothing can keep our special bond  apart through fb, twitter, whatsapp or insta.
♡ My friends around me here. The one who I kept close to my heart and my fellow future doctors who agree to fight side-by-side.
♡ Families & friends.

Dear God,
bless them. cause I am so blessed to have them as mine. Thank you God for this 23 life.♥

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