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Sunday, June 30, 2013

.:: I'm In A Persistent Vegetative State ::.

Code blue!!!!!!!!!!!
Code blue!!!!!!!!!!!
*(Code Blue is generally used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation, most often after suffering a cardiac arrest.)

i think i'm in that situation. yang perlukan tindakan emergency secepat mungkin supaya aku akan tetap bertahan.
my heart dies....
my heart dies....
someone needs to defibrillate my heart now before it will stop pumping.
gelap. kelam. malap.
as if my whole body is sucked into a complete darkness.
who's gonna help?

i'm in a Persistent vegetative state. 
(This is a state of severe unconsciousness. The person is unaware of his or her surroundings and incapable of voluntary movement. With a persistent vegetative state, someone may progress to wakefulness but with no higher brain function. With persistent vegetative state, there is breathing, circulation, and sleep-wake cycles.)

i'm dying i think.those feelings were like a memory to stays in the previous days but i am living in this present mind asked me to stop feeling, stop believing, stop loving. but my damn heart says keep feeling, keep believing, keep loving. 

"this isn't permanent, this is a life lesson." my heart says.

"come on, no one live in fairy tale. no one live in korean dramas. no one live in twilight sagas." reality says.

so i think, i'll just stay in this persistent vegetative state then. a state where i cannot feel, a state where i cannot think wisely, a state where i am unaware of my freaking surroundings. a state where no one can grasp me. and

a state where you cannot save me.

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