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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

.:: Happy Birthday, Azriatul Fareena! ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

it's 26 January..
my dear little sis's bday..
now she's 10 years old.
dia dah besar.. (:
ingat lagi ms ina still baby, baru lahir..
10 tahun, lama..

hehe, there's a funny thing bout her bday..
we actually celebrated it in advanced, hurm, the night before i back to medan..
cuz she insisted it, yeah, the fact that im not around when the times come..
hihi, n we bought her a barbie cake, and had a dine in McD..
kebetulan my granny's here n my bro, Ee just come back from ipoh..
so, semua ada.. complete..

Azriatul Fareena.
we shares a same name..
wlupun dia dh 10 thn, but sometimes she's a lot more mature than me..
ok, she's 10 n im 20 going 21 ok?
dia la penasihat yg setia..
im always ask her opinion whenever i face such conflicts..
we sleep together, and when she wakes up in the morning, she will wait until i wake up. 
she just lies beside me, waiting.
(n sumtime it takes 2-3 hours ok?hehe~)
and so many things she did touch my heart..
dia adik yg extraordinary..

bru 5 hari meninggalkn bumi malaya.
tp hati ni dh meronta-ronta nk balik!
it was so hard to leave them..
x bole nk describe, tp ckp la dgn phrase ni,
perpisahan tu sgt sakit.

cuti sebulan di rumah mmg m'berikn efek.
lama, berbanding dulu yg hanya 2-3 mgu je.
kesian ina..
she cried so much mlm b4 i back to dis haishhh medan.
n we huddled together till we fall asleep..

sakit. sakit.

and ayah, a single msg from him yesterday just tear my heart.
huhu, miss u too, ayah.. );
mama, dia pandai sembunyikn perasaan dia..
the way she hugged, it shown that how hard to let me go.
ee, he's strong.. always strong..

sakit. sakit. sakit.

im waiting to see them again.
june terasa sangat lama..

so my dear little sis,
along wishes u a blissful Happy Birthday..
may your life will full of love, health, bless and wealth.
i know u will be a great person someday..

along sayang ina (;