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Friday, December 31, 2010

.:: selamat tinggal 2010, selamat datang 2011! ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

tinggal lagi kurang sejam je 2010 akan melabuhkan tirai..
so in less than 60 min, 2011 will come!
hehe, a new year, a new experience to seek..
owhh, i love adventures!

my speech for 2010 :
well klu nk sum up apa yg dh jd along 2010 ni mmg lenguh la jari ni nk menaip..
truly, lots of bigger things happened..
big and very affecting.
the biggest thing was ive turn 20.. (:
yg lain, malas nk ulas.. haha.. :p

 ada yang pergi, ada yang hadir..

some people come into our lives an quickly go..
some stay for a while and leave footprints on our heart..
and we are never, ever the same..

my speech for 2011 :
im welcoming u with my all heart!
semoga tahun baru aku akan menjadi lebih baik,
hidup yang lebih bermakna,
dan pengalaman yang lebih mematangkan..
semoga hidup lebih berwarna! (:

>>> c0loUrS <<<

 last but not least,

happy new year 2011!

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