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Sunday, February 24, 2013

.:: Dokter Muda ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Compassionate Most Beneficent
with all blessings from Allah, He granted me to become a Dokter Muda.
soon. on 11th of March 2013. InsyaAllah.
i'm glad. truly grateful. although i'm missing two of my bestfriend in my co-ass/practical group.
it causes us to mourn for a while.
but Allah knows the best for us.
just wait for the hikmah to show up. (:
my love life also got it. u r truly make me proud of u, darling. <3 p="">
so dear Allah,
i wish for every steps that i'll take on treating people, it will be considered an ibadah for You.
strenghten my heart, give me such patience, lend me a little of Your compassion.
for that i will be a good muslim doctor.
with His Empowerment.



  1. tahniah ain. nanti pape psl sakit2 ni boleh refer awak! :)

  2. hey. insyaAllah kalau rezeki jadi doctor itu sampai. (: