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Thursday, December 29, 2011

.:: Sweet Day With Sweet People ::.

with the name of Allah the Most Compassionate Most Merciful

yesterday was a sweet day.
sebab yesterday I went out with sweet people.

sweet people no 1.
Cik manis
hee, dia bawak sy lunch kat Fatty Cafe & dia blanje sy makan. memang sweet lah!

sweet people no 2
 always makes me laugh & smile..

sweet people no 3
Mama & Ayah
 brought me to eat KFC. i mean Malaysian KFC. hee!

ok, ni bukan sweet people. ni greatest food ever!
Encik Cheezy Wedges

last but not least,


  1. awww maniss nye awak. tQ sweetheart :)

  2. ur most welcome..lain kali sy blanje awk ye?sy blanje awk kt medan..(awk je tw?abg n kakak ipar awk x..)ekekeke :P